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^^ a short update to announce a Christmas Sale at my shop, as well as updates.
Books, charms, prints, and other goods are on sale from Dec 16 - Dec 27.

>> Soundless Wind Shop <<

Assorted 1.5" Acrylic anime phone charms.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun double-sided heart keychains.

Yugioh square buttons.
Tabling with my buddy: Aka-Shiro!
Please visit and keep us company ^o^)/

Ahh...sorry for my inactivity. I've been really busy with all sorts of projects Orzlll
I haven't read notes/comments in a while either, my apologies. I will be holed up 
with my projects for a while, so I'll still be inactive for a bit. Next time I update, 
hopefully some cool news to tell everyone~! If you need to contact me urgently,
it's best by formal email, but I am not taking on commissions at the moment.


Today I'm writing to say I added some new inventory to my web shop: 

...Such as "FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club" buttons at $2 per button

If you have any questions, send them to kazehimeshop(at), and one
of my shop assistants will help you as soon as they can.

\(^v^) For now, that's all. T'ill next time we meet! 
Rushing back to work! /hiyaaaa
Uwaaa...Kintoki-Con is over~ That was fun!! 

It's been hectic, I haven't been home or on the net very often so I'll be a little slower with replying to emails.

During the trip I met some cool people, ate some great food, and saw some cool sights! I'll make a tumblr post when I actually return to my house desktop but right now I just need a little R&R with zeiva and muhoho-seijin.

So yeah, Otakon~ will be in the artist alley with Aka-Shiro at R03!
Come visit us ufufufu~ It's our first time going to Otakon. Not sure how it'll turn out but I've never been in Maryland. Let me know if there are good places to eat (0 w 0) <3


Actually, and if someone could grab me Tomokazu Seki, Yoko Kanno and/or Home Made Kazoku's signature I'll make it worth your while T//w//T...

(I def want Seki's but I'll be chained to my table, sobsob...)

Hopefully after all this con-rush I'll have something cool to announce soon!

Lots of love,

( *^v^)/ Hey~~~<3

Back from the long weekend that is Anime Expo! It was really nice meeting everyone. There were a lot of friends in the alley and a lot of sweet people who dropped by to see me (though I often wasn't at my table, I apologize!). It was my first time back in many years and the experience was great. Thank you for stopping by! I posted a journal on my tumblr with photos of the aftermath, so if you'd like to read it, head over here:

What's next? Kintoki-Con! Where I'll be a guest along with Zeiva Inc duo zeiva and muhoho-seijin.

There's still plenty of time to pre-register online~ and Kintoki-Con has an amazing guest line-up including Koge-Donbo and yuumei! Pre-register online now while it's still possible (b>.6)

Yuumei, Long Vo and I will be giving a one-time panel on Digital Art. The schedule is up at the Kintoki-Con website ( There's also an event going on where, if you pick up a copy of Dragon Essence Limited Edition Promo Booklet you can bring it to me during the autograph session and I'll doodle in it.

Dragon Essence Limited Edition Promo Booklet is available only for Kintoki-Con 2013. Dragon Essence is a collaboration game between myself and Zeiva Inc (zeiva & muhoho-seijin). The promo booklet will contain character art and info. The game isn't finished yet, but we're actively working on it. 

Zeiva Inc will also have other games at our booth such as X-Note and the newly completed Area-X, and I'll be bringing along some copies of my artbook as well as rare artwork not shown online.

Zeiva and I in particular aren't local to the US, it's very rare we get a chance to come all the way out. Your support means a lot to us and keeps us going, so don't be shy and please drop by to say hi<3

Lots of love, let me know how the con experience was for you!


Anime Expo Artist Alley location along with MORUFiN and misdirecting
See you soon!!! Only a few weeks left!!~<3

Also on the platter is Dragon Essence Limited Edition Promo Booklet, available only for Kintoki-Con 2013. Dragon Essence is a collaboration game between myself and Zeiva Inc. (zeiva & muhoho-seijin). The promo booklet will contain character art and info. It's still not too late to pre-register for Kintoki-Con and meet guests such as Koge Donbo and Gene Luen Yang. If you bring the promo booklet to me, I'll doodle in it :3!

P.S.! Artbooks~ have~ all~ just~ been~ mailed out! Banzai!!
It took awhile I know..... didn't have enough helping hands to pack and ship fast enough, but yeah~ they're all shipped now! Check your emails~ and then all that's left is to stalk the postbox ;3
I've received a lot of positive feedback from many, thank you so much! I'll learn from this experience and do a better job next time, with both the book and order management. Thank you very much for all of your support!

I still have a couple of recent button orders to ship but I will be finished with those soon too. If there are any problems with your order upon arrival, let us know at kazehimeshop (@) gmail. The crew and I will do what we can for you, no worries. If you have other concerns let us know, as well. Thanks for reading!

I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf~ Heehee, come visit with your ACNL during AX ^^~<3 


Hey, I'm back from Texas!!! (well since last week actually...)
And the crew and I have been busy packing. If you haven't received a shipping notification
via email about the artbooks yet you will soon as we've shipped about 3/4 so far, so only
the last quarter to go! Faito~! So just wait for that email!

Thanks for waiting so patiently! We're almost done!


( 'v')/
On vacation in Texas! Be gone for a week.
If anyone is going to A-Kon I'll just be prowling around the con as a visitor.
o<--< it's been work work work all this time, I honestly need to take a breather.

About the art books, we've shipped around 1/3rd of them so far.
There aren't enough helpers and a lot of orders so it's not going as fast as
we'd like. Sorry but we'll need to ask for a little more patience~ m(.  .)m

Thank you <3

P.S. Anime North was great~ It was really busy this year, wow.
So sorry I didn't manage to chat with anyone for longer periods. Both Mins and
I were in a frenzy (T v T)

For folks going to AX or FanExpo, we'll be selling there too. Hope to chat then~!

Love you lots, see you again soon!


:party::party::party: The books~ arrived~ just~ today~ :party::party::party:
I'm doing some quality checks and packing slowly.
Sorry they cannot be shipped out right away, I'll be shipping them slowly throughout this month.
^^; There are a lot of orders and only a few helpers...;;;

Quick photo of some of the sketches you might find in your packets!

:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:

List of Anime Convention appearances!
PLUS, a special item available only at Kintoki-Con
More details to follow later... list subjected to changes.

Couldn't manage to get into Texas A-KON, but I'll be vacationing there nonetheless, lol.

See you all real soon, yeah?

With love,
(^ v ^)y Just letting you know, things are going smoothly so far with the printing process.
The files are in the hands of the printers now and turnaround time is roughly 6 weeks or so.
So in 6 weeks, the books will all be ready and in my hands and I can start shipping them out.
Pre-orders for the book will end April 10th, and regular sale price starts then.

Here is a preview of what the cover looks like, I just got the proofs today:

In awesome news, I am now sharing an AA table with :iconminevi:!
You can now pick up the book from me in person at Anime North :3! Will let you all know the
table number as soon as it's released. See you soon<3

|"Symphonic Hue"?|

Is an illustration collection project with the theme of "The Color of Music" organized by
D0LLARS. The illustrations collected will be bound into a book for the purpose of
raising funds and donating all profits made to charity.

They are currently now open to public submissions for the art book project. If you are
an artist interested in helping out for a cause, please see the following links for more
details. Be sure to read the guidelines very thoroughly.

The event is organized by D0LLARS (organizer MORUFiN), for any questions
please head to their journal/group and reply there. Thank you for reading.

|Important Links|

For more submission details:…
For current artist list:…

The famous mangaka and illustrator Koge-Donbo will be a guest at Kintoki-con!

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet the creator of DiGi Charat, Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin!



In addition, I'll be a guest along with Zeiva Inc. (zeiva +
muhoho-seijin) at Kintoki-Con 2013. The three of us will be
there in person. Hopefully our collaboration game will be ready and
available by then. It'll be my first time back to California in
many, many years.

With lots of love,


New! Gintama totes and Sakura Miku mugs!

Also available are Amaterasu dakimakuras, Okamiden pillows,
Magi and Vocaloid button sets!

The famous mangaka and illustrator Koge-Donbo will be a guest at Kintoki-con!

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet the creator of DiGi Charat, Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin!



In addition, I'll be a guest along with Zeiva Inc. (zeiva +
muhoho-seijin) at Kintoki-Con 2013. The three of us will be
there in person. Hopefully our collaboration game will be ready and
available by then. It'll be my first time back to California in
many, many years.

With lots of love,


New! Gintama totes and Sakura Miku mugs!

Also available are Amaterasu dakimakuras, Okamiden pillows,
Magi and Vocaloid button sets!

Pekoe Pekoe is an artbook by  :iconhitsukuya:

With guest art by myself and all these lovely folks:


It is now available for pre-order at her journal~…
The book is $34, and contains 64 full coloured illustrations including three tutorials. Hope you can support. The book is also available for pickup at the following conventions: Anime North, Anime Expo, Fanexpo

You'll be able to see the full version of this entry:

Pass the Love by Kaze-Hime


Just another happy new year journal, but I wanted to write one anyways!
(though it's not quite new years where I am yet...;;; )

Apologies, please have a belated x-mas drawing for I haven't anything
yet for 2012.

X-note - Demo by zeivaX-note - Demo by zeivaX-note - Demo by zeiva

I was given the honour of being a beta-tester for zeiva’s new visual-novel, X-note, and having finished the game recently I felt the necessity to write a quick (but hopefully wholesome) review.

In reiteration of  the website’s summary (otome . zeiva . net), X-note is a visual novel-cross-dating-sim formatted game with standard sim-styled choices.  I’d like to also note that I am using the word “game” in a very loose interpretation.  X-note is more accurately categorized as a visual novel than purely just a game, so don‘t go thinking it‘s at all similar OASE.  In X-note, advancement in story and character revelations are thee main and concentrated aspects.

The story kicks off when the main character Essi (played by you) is approached by a mysterious male named Yuon. He invites you to Xen-Institute to request your help with unraveling the mysteries behind the series of murders occurring in the school and baits you by bringing up connections between the school and your mother’s unfortunate death (possibly murder) from years ago.  As he is the first morsel of clue thrown your way in so long, you take the bait and follow him.  At school, you will encounter several characters, two of which are datable.  A pure-looking boy and a playful joker named Oure and Anon respectively.  Depending on your choices, you will be able to follow one of the three boys to reach a total of nine possible conclusions.  Play wisely and tread carefully for the killer is closer than you think…

Written, scripted, and directed by Mirage, and drawn by Mirage and Nitarou combined; this artistic duo presents a visually clean, simple, but pleasant-looking game. Although everything appears very linear and straight-forward at first, don’t be surprised if the later chapters throw some hard-balls your way, it‘s a presentation meant to be deceptive.  When you engage yourself further into the story, it will hook you like a pro fisherman with all its surprising intricacies and delicate character relationships.  In other words, don’t be too quick to judge. Writhed with poetic justice and situational irony --- X-note serves the best part last.


Now, on a less formal note:

Best time spent on a visual novel to date.  Also, love the choice of soundtracks.  At first I was attracted to one particular character, and so I played the game in order of personal preference; meaning I left my least preferred character for last....but then irony kicks me hard, and the last character ended up having the most enjoyable path.

Also, when I said “best part last” I mean…best parts last.  
There are several wonderful bonuses waiting for you at the end of your journey should you choose to obtain the full version (which I highly recommend will not be a waste).

I won’t say what it is but I got a big kick out of it.

^o^ All I know is that after exams, he's getting some fanart of him---ohohoho.

(Girls (or guys, w/e), what's your ideal kind of guy?)


On an unrelated note:

My new and revamped Okami website is up:…

I will also be putting up one more sub-site during this year...and it'll be a surprise as to what it holds.
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Reference list:

Preference in order:
1. Hearte Bunny
2. Jiang Shang
3. Suruna

Thank you very much ^^
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Hi, hi.

Typing to you from my ipod safari.
I'm back from the operation. It was a success and I haven't lost my voice.

I got discharged a day early for normal health, but I am in excruciating pain right now.
I'll update again when I feel better...which, hopefully is a week from now.
I'll also update with pics of my long scar too, whenever I figure out how to get em outta my phone.

Aughh so much pain ^^;;;;

Okay, nap time.
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Ah...I'm back at my old place for a bit, so I get to go on the net.
(I really aught to set up the internet at my new place soon.) Been playing OASE on my laptop for a little while. It's a really fun time killer, so please do try out the demo.

Ahhmmm. So...yeah! My surgery date has been confirmed for October 5th of this year (wow...geez, a week and a half from now x_x; ). I'm probably mentally ready (or maybe not, haha, I don't know), but whatever the case, I'm pretty tenacious.

I'll be in the Toronto General Hospital for about three days or so, and hopefully it goes well. Best news is, Okamiden comes out next Thursday, so I'll get to play that before I go in at least and hopefully while I'm there, my folks bring me the new Rurutia album I ordered<3.

(Releases Sept 30, and Oct 7 respectively)

The only thing that kind of worries me is...that there's a chance I'll lose my voice. Next to drawing, karaoke is my other most favourite past-time, soooo...maybe I should go pick a Friday to sing my heart out or something...(not that I sing well, but y''s a joy). (and yes, I mean permanently)

Yup. That's it for alerting news.
Tell you all about it in details whenever next I'm back...and cancer free!

I'm off to a bash.
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Hi. I'm back from the hospital.
Thanks for all your encouragement.

Hmmmm. I'm not sure how I want to put this.

...I don't want people to worry so much yet at the same time, I feel like the people who do worry have the right to know.

Good news is, I didn't get surgery on the spot
Bad news is, they've booked me two months from now.

Worst news is, I've got cancer.

Better news is, I won't die from it and I'll be alright.
That's all I feel like saying right now.

So that's, that.

Love to chat but, gotta go study for midterms.


well, and I'm going out to buy a lottery ticket, LOL.

Man, if a perfectly healthy girl like me can manage to catch such a slim chance cancer, then I'd sure as hell have the luck to go out and win a million dollars.

Ciao~ :blowkiss:
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